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Alacakaya Signature to Victoria’s Secret


"Cherry marble", which is exported to the world only from Elazığ and sold in 800 markets in the USA, is used for decorative purposes in popular places and houses.

The marble, which is extracted from the district of Alacakaya, has a cherry-colored, veined structure and attracts great attention for decorative purposes, is exported to 60 countries on 4 continents.

Cherry marble, with an average export rate of 65 thousand tons per month, is exported to countries ranging from China to India, Dubai to Qatar, Sudan to Morocco, Libya to Italy, Spain to France for use in exclusive venues, and sold to the world.

Up until now, our marble has adorned many prestigious venues such as the White House, Kaaba, luxury hotels in Dubai and Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, worldwide stores of Victoria's Secret, and South Africa stores of Dolce & Gabbana fashion houses. 
Alacakaya Marble and Mine Inc. Vice Chairman Oğuzhan Arslan said, "We have increased both our quality and production thanks to the support we received from the government. Therefore, this has also been reflected in our exports. Cherry marble will be distributed to 800 stores across the USA. From here, it will have entered all the buildings and houses in the USA."