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Alacakaya Marble is in the White House

Cherry marble, which is rare around the world and is extracted only in Elazığ in Turkey, adorn exclusive venues in 60 countries. The marble, which is extracted in Alacakaya district, has a cherry-colored, veined structure and attracts great attention for decorative purposes and is exported to 60 countries on 4 continents.
Cherry marble, with an average export rate of 65 thousand tons per month, is exported to countries ranging from China to India, Dubai to Qatar, Sudan to Morocco, Libya to Italy, Spain to France for use in exclusive venues, and sold to the world, and up until now, our marble has adorned many prestigious venues such as the White House, Kaaba, luxury hotels in Dubai and Palm Islands, Burj Khalifa, worldwide stores of Victoria's Secret, and South Africa stores of Dolce & Gabbana fashion houses. 
“Prestige has won around the world.”

Alacakaya Marble and Mine Inc. Raw Material Production Manager Abidin Gümüş mentioned in his declaration that the cherry marble, which has been produced since 1984, was exported to the world only from Elazığ.
Gümüş said, "Elazığ cherry marble gained worldwide prestige in the first years when it was extracted through an Italian company with its use in the White House and then in the places between Safa and Merve hills close to the Kaaba. This marble is among the featured products preferred for the distinguished places of the world with its charm." and emphasized that this is an important reference for themselves, as well. 
Gümüş pointed out that due to the color and feature of this rare marble in the world, it is preferred for decoration purposes especially in elite spaces, and despite the existence of similar products, cherry marble is noticed with its quality, vein and pattern features.