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Hazar Beige

Our quarry extending in the environs of Kuyu Vilage at the district of Çermik, Diyarbakır, is named Alacakaya Botticino. İts at the distance of 160 km to our factory and 600 km to Mersin Harbour. Also its at the distance of 130 km to Diyarbakır Airport and 160 km to Elazığ Airport. The apperant reserve İs about 500.000 m3. The probable reserve of the quarry is estimated to be around 1.000.000 m3.

The planned annual production is about 20.000 m3. Block production has been continuing in the quarry since 1997. Some part of the produced blocks are utilized in our factory and the rest is exported. Having an elegant form with ıts structure and grain size, , Alacakaya Botticino Royal takes its places as a wonderful material in natural stone group.