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Alacakaya Marble wich has started factory opetration in 1984, operates a manufacturing plant with technical team and equipment meeting all the necessities of our age by renewing itself. Bottocino Royal being in the first place, after the success of Elazığ Vişne (Rosso Levanto) important steps have been taken about branding of all stones worldwide.
The 75% of the annual production capacity of 970.000 square meters is evaluated in foreign market and 25% in domestic market.
Alacakaya Marble Inc. mainly makes its most exportation to Far east and middle east and Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Australia continents.
Besides manufacturing in Standard measures, Alacakaya Marble also has the capacity of meeting all demands by manufacturing in specific measures.
Additionally; more value is added to marble by using special methods such as wearing, brushing and hammering, leather surface and acid application.
As we are Alacakaya Marble Inc., have the proper pride of promoting our sources. We gain by filling with admiration of marble ‘s historical adventure, on going for millions of years our appreciating implementations.

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