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Using the underground resources of our country in the most appropriate and effective way, contributing to the national economy, increasing our market share and competitiveness by promoting our products in the best way in the international market, becoming the leader in the marble sector, maximizing the satisfaction of our employees with the continuous improvement of the quality management system and effectiveness, and not compromising on quality is our company's main policy. 
Our Quality Management System
In line with the ALACAKAYA MARBLE INC. vision, we certify and continuously improve the Quality Management System that meets consumer expectations by using up-to-date and developing technologies to meet the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard. ALACAKAYA MARBLE INC., which is based on data-based work in line with the continuous improvement approach, has set its goals to achieve excellence by increasing the efficiency in all its processes to an internationally competitive level.
The Total Quality journey increases the efficiency of all systems. As a result, customers have the opportunity to have higher quality products and services and more favorable conditions. Within the company, language unity has developed between the units and individuals, and team spirit and communication have improved continuously in every step taken on the journey of quality. Employees' awareness of their contribution to the success of the company further reinforced the company culture. With the annual Management Review Meetings and Monthly Staff Training Programs, the continuity of the developments has been ensured, and adaptive and preventive approaches, which adapt to changing internal and external conditions, have been developed. 
Total Quality activities in ALACAKAYA MARBLE INC. started in the beginning of 2001 with Quality Circles applications. As of March 11, 2002, with the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certificate issued by NQA (National Quality Assurance Certificate No: 14422), we have passed to the Quality Management System Standard.